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Design System

We created a UI guideline based on the existing product and the new brand book for keeping consistent


We used red color to highlight details for engineers with the Figma plugin - Open Autoflow

Using the part of the onboarding journey as an example 

Final Walkthrough

We listed 34 pages of detailed requirements gathered from the internal quality assurance, tech team, product team, and legal department

A requirement checklist is also easier for the project manager to track the project timeline and budget. We prioritized all the change requests and decided which features are unrealistic to be developed within the project scope.



1. The project reinforced the importance of prioritizing user feedback

Users expected a conference phone to work with multiple meeting platforms, challenging the initial business goal. This experience showed how user feedback can drive innovation and validate business assumptions.

2. User satisfaction is affected by multiple touch points, not just UI/UX design

Experience is not only about the digital experience but also the quality of physical products and systematic service. For example, the bad sound quality and wifi signal will dramatically decrease customer satisfaction.


Project Director - Williams Mark
Project Manager - Raya Xu
Design Lead - Nathan Gao
Junior Designer - Zaiwei Guo
Sound Designer - Eugenio Altieri