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Essilor - Data Tracking Platform

A data tracking platform for parents to monitor the usage and effectiveness of Stellest™ lens on their kids

Essilor's Stellest™ Lens has the potential to slow down the progression of myopia in children, but parents are skeptical about the relationship between wearing time and myopia control due to the lack of established evidence. This platform aims to address this by providing parents with data on their child's usage of the lens and the resulting impact on myopia progression.
16 Weeks
My Role
Concept Ideation, User Flow, Feature Definition, Wireframing, Prototyping, UX Research, Presentation 



Screen time increased among young children during the pandemic


Parents doubt link between Stellest™ Lens and myopia control

Essilor's Stellest™ Lens can help slow down the progression of myopia in children when worn for 12 hours a day. However, parents are doubtful about the relationship between wearing time and myopia control, as the link is not well established.

Design Brief

How might we design a mobile application that enables parents to establish a connection between wearing time and vision management?


System Understanding

Identified key features by analyzing the ecosystem with three types of users: parents, kids, and eye doctors. 

Parents - users of phones (Data output)
Children - users of lenses (Data input)
Doctors - data provider of the actual eye (Data input)

User Flow

The user flow consists of access, onboarding, daily operations, eye checks, and reminders.