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Prototype for testing

Transitional Animation

We added transitional animations when users access different features of the product. This is not only a transition between screens but also a hint for “Swipe to go back”.

Intuitive Animation

We used focus animations for incoming calls so the screen can be more active. The motion design style is consistent with the boot-up animation of the device.

Interactive Feedback

We design motion effects to provide visual feedback when users interact with the product. Audio feedback for the tap was also added.



Screened 6 key users from 47 potential customers based on their company size, job position, and meeting experience.

Discussion Guide

I designed 2 sets of discussion guides for end users and IT users.

The questions include five key parts as below.

Part 1: Personal background, daily work, and company information
Part 2: Pre-meeting task, pain points, and expectation
Part 3: During-meeting task, pain points, and expectation
Part 4: After-meeting task, pain points, and expectation
Part 5: Open discussion about future scenario imagination

Key Finding


Most companies use more than one video meeting software. It’s thoughtful to provide a device that fits different platforms.


It makes meeting holders look unprofessional if they are unfamiliar with the setup process. It’s important to design a short and intuitive user journey.


It’s confusing to switch meetings between different touchpoints. The ideal scenario is to keep all the functions in one device.