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Amazon Ads: Management Platform

How we build an advertising management system for improving customer service and increasing business efficiency

As one of the most important businesses unit, Amazon Ads looks for operationalizing “brand as a service” by creating streamlined requests with a substantial and highly qualified team. Working with the product strategy director and interns, we prototype a B2B platform for better-organizing ads tickets and tracking the communication process.
8 Weeks
My Role
Co-leader, Landscape Analysis, User Flow, UX Strategy, Wireframing, Annotation



Managing traffic requests via email is both inefficient and inconsistent

Amazon Ads' current ticket management solution is highly manual and lacks a formal creative brief intake process, resulting in inconsistent brand compliance and low quality. The system is also inefficient in managing traffic requests and lacks visibility into the workflow's effectiveness due to the absence of measurement and reporting mechanisms.

The Ask

How can "brand as a service" be operationalized by creating a streamlined process for requests with a substantial and highly qualified team? 



Conducted a comprehensive analysis of over 20 direct and indirect competitors, identifying their strengths and weaknesses

The analysis included advertising providers such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, TikTok, Etsy, and relevant competitors who offer management software, such as Asana,, Zendesk, Jira, etc.



of advertisers consider personalization as the main factor

The landscape offers personalized resources and access to third-party partners, but there’s room for tailored messaging through an all-encompassing network of channels.
Source: Global Web Index


of advertisers require efficient and in-depth communication

The landscape offers one-on-one consultation services to help with efficiency, but there’s room for in-depth end-to-end problem-solving through partnership and collaboration.
Source: Global Web Index


visitors across all Amazon sites monthly

Amazon offers campaign-building support using its databases through automated suggestions, but there’s room for expert support in synthesizing and implementing data to create successful campaigns.
Source: Statista. USA, 2022

Co-create Workshop

Utilized a co-creation workshop to develop a comprehensive user journey map

We designed a co-create workshop with a product strategist, experience strategist, interaction designer, visual designer, and engineer to come up with a user journey map of the ticketing system. 

Stakeholer Interview 

Prioritizing design opportunities with key stakeholders

We validated the map with key stakeholders, which helped us to translate pain points into design opportunities, and identified the key features for improving usability.


ABIL (Amazon’s Brand Innovation Lab) Dashboard is a custom ticketing and project management tool designed to streamline and manage requests for ads and track the creative development of the project, in turn, to operationalize the Amazon brand as a service.


Amazon is distinguished in owning a wealth of first-party data spanning all parts of the consumer journey—from discovery to conversion. Paired with impressively deep integration into consumer lives, Amazon is able to serve up what their customers want to see and when.

1. Build dimensionality in the omnichannel ecosystem

By designing personalized, in-house custom solutions through the omnichannel ecosystem

2. Gain Conversion through clear pathing

By creating a clear pathing and navigation for new and returning users for making a request

3. Create Immersion with standardized workflows

By transforming the inconsistent brief intaking process through standardized workflows